Money & Consciousness Workshop 16th June, Delhi



Wednesday - November 30, -0001


This workshop is a fun, exciting, and dynamic way to change your consciousness about money. Discover the root cause of your money challenges, release subconscious limiting beliefs about money and design your new abundant life with affirmations, visualizations and the Law of Attraction.


  • To empower you in your relationship with money and other forms of prosperity by releasing limiting beliefs and practicing new ways of thinking about prosperity
  • To provide an assessment that provides insights for you in how you currently deal with money on the practical, emotional, and spiritual levels.
  • To assist you in developing new or improved skills for accepting the prosperity of the Universe that is just waiting for you to receive it
  • To assist you in deepening your Trust in the flow of Universal abundance
  • To support you in creating your "new story" about prosperity.

For bookings & Registration Call :  09087728755/ 09789881356