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"Claim wholeness as you dance with the UNIFIED CREATIVE ENERGIES of the Healed MASCULINE and FEMININE within. Women only achieve completion and their full potential, when they learn to love and nurture their feminine souls and reverence themselves also as Goddess Within".

Vera Faria Leal

Sister of Avalon, Training Priestess of The Goddess, Glastonbury , UK

Vera Faria Leal is a Teachers-Teacher for Heal Your Life facilitators and coaches in Portugal and Brazil. She is a Teacher and a Practitioner of Psychological Astrology, and founded the Courses: WISDOM COACHING INTEGRAL© (Transpersonal Coaching) and COUNSCIOUS FEMININITY AND SACRED FEMININE. She studies Archetypes and Mythical Psychology, is a member of BODYSOUL EUROPE, branch of Marion Woodman Foundation. She is a SoulCollage® facilitator.
She leads workshops, participates in national TV shows and has published several books, set of cards, CD and DVD: The Secret Beyond The Secret.
She lives by the wisdom of the heart!

Webinar 1
(9th Apr 2015; 8pm IST)

  • Recognizing and Honoring the Divine Feminine, the Goddess Within.
  • Working with the Yin/Feminine and the Yang/Masculine.
  • 6 most important female Goddess archetypes.
  • The generational wounds between mothers and daughters.
  • The Virgin of Guadalupe: an archetype of FEMININE WISDOM for the 21th century.

Webinar 2
(7th May 2015; 8pm IST)

  • Recognizing and Transforming Your Inner Tyrant Masculine.
  • The Masculine in your family and childhood: Healing the wounds with men and the patriarchy;
  • Release old blockages and baggage.
  • The 4 stages of men`s evolution according to the way they relate to woman.

Webinar 3
(10th June 2015; 8pm IST)

  • Understanding and Decoding Sacred Sexuality.
  • Myth of Psyche and Eros explained: how does a woman walk the path of LOVE?
  • Mysteries of the blood as women’s ancient initiations.
  • A psycho-physic Typology of the Yoni, based on the 4 elements of the Ayurveda.

Webinar 4
(2nd July 2015; 8pm IST)

  • Balancing the sacred Feminine and Masculine Energies Within You
  • Becoming Fully Integrated and the Woman You Were Born To Be.
  • Developing a relationship between our Internal Masculine and Internal Feminine.
  • Creating a Sacred Union by the Law of Attraction and Correspondence of Energy.

Webinar Schedule

  • Webinar 1 - 9th Apr 2015; 8pm IST (UTC/GMT +5:30)
  • Webinar 2 - 7th May 2015; 8pm IST (UTC/GMT +5:30)
  • Webinar 3 - 10th June 2015; 8pm IST (UTC/GMT +5:30)
  • Webinar 4 - 2nd July 2015; 8pm IST (UTC/GMT +5:30)

Note: For those who cannot be online at the scheduled hour, they can access the session later as the participants have access to the recorded sessions.


  • 197$ US Dollars (If you Register Before 31st March 2015).
  • 227$ US Dollars (If you Register Post 31st Mar 2015).

E-Course Includes

  • 4 Webinars of 1h 30min each.
  • Guided Meditation, Organic Movement With A Transformative Dancing Methodology, Questions, Journaling, Rituals, Art And An Introduction To The Amazing Technique Of SoulCollage®.
  • A Certificate of Attendance (sent by email).
  • OPTIONAL: Integration in a closed Facebook group where the participants can share their processes, what they are discovering, receive Vera’s and team Rainbow Lightworkers support on this path of self-knowledge, integration and healing, support each other and exchange information and much more...

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